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U.S Cavalry Action In The Great Plains Essay

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  • on September 21, 2008
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The U.S. Cavalry action in the Great Plains developed after the Federal Indian Policy and other Treaties were disregarded to suit the needs of the white mans lust for the west. The purpose of my paper will show how the Plains Indians were stripped of their lands, livelihood, and forced to live on reservations by the U.S. Cavalry. It will cover the white migration to the west coast, gold discovery in the Black Hills, Northern Pacific Railroad through Sioux territory, slaughter of the buffalo, and the Ghost Dance.
During the 1830s, the United States government adopted the Federal Indian Policy that forced the Eastern tribes to be moved west of Missouri to resettle on land then scorned as “the Great American Desert” unsuitable for white habitation and development. This gave the Indians ownership of Western America. It collapsed in the 1840’s, when the United States acquired Texas, California, and Oregon, and migrants crossed Indian lands to reach the West Coast. The Mormons developed a trail through Indian country in 1847, and settled on Indian lands. The discovery of gold and silver began in 1848, prompting miners to invade the Indian lands. Rather than curbing the white entry in Indian land, the government built forts along the trails and punished Indians who threatened travelers (Goldfield, David,et al. The American Journey. 3rd ed. vol.1.).
By the early 1850s, whites realized that the west could support agriculture and wanted to take the land back. The railroad companies also developed plans to lay tracks across the plains. To promote white settlement the Federal Government decided to relocate the tribes to separate and specific reservations. The government provided the tribes with annual payments of livestock, clothing, and other materials, and the Army was ordered to keep Indians on their assigned reservations. Smaller tribes accepted the government conditions, but larger tribes resisted in the form of small raids (Goldfield, David,et al. The American...

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