Urging Dental Care Essay

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Brittany Kay Barnett April 28, 2013 0351955 Persuasive Speech - Dental Care Oral Care Everyday throughout our walks of life, we are constantly coming into contact with new people whether it is at school, work and/or the grocery store. As we pass by we communicate in some way, whether it be speaking or not speaking, smiling or frowning. Each is a universal language that has its own meaning, symbol and meaning. In the U.S. smiling is the appropriate and respectable thing to do when meeting someone new. Now when you encounter someone and they are not smiling and don’t even open up their mouth to speak, I bet you’re thinking wow this person is incredibly shy, in a bad mood or just a mean person, but these reasons may not always be the case. That person just may have had bad teeth and may have not wanted to open their mouth out of embarrassment. Today I will be giving a speech urging my audience to have proper dental care. Everyone wants to avoid cavities and more serious dental problems. Some people don’t think to often about their oral health unless a problem occurs, but I want to urge you all to make it a priority in your everyday life to prevent oral problems from occurring. The main points I will be focusing on today are, the problems people face with bad oral care, what you can do to prevent them from occurring and dental options for those who do not have dental insurance. When I was seven years old and staying with a family friend, I witnessed my family friend daughter crying every night from tooth aches, she was limited to certain foods and having to have five teeth pulled all at the age of fourteen. From that day of seeing that girl get her teeth pulled, I promised myself that I would always take good care of my teeth and prevent them from ever getting like hers. More than 1 in 5

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