Urbanization In The Late 1800s

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Cesar Galvan History 5/6 B notes 20.3 and 20.4 20.3 vocabulary; urbanization- the movement of people to cities. tenemetns- multistory buildings divided into crowded apartments. labor unions- workers organizations The New Industrial City changes in farming, soaring population growth, and ever-increasing demand for wrokers led masses of people to migrate from farms to cities. Man exploded into a center of the textile industry. The Factory System Rigid Discipline; workers didnt ahve breaks and worked very long hours shifts lasted from 12 to 16 hours their was many accidents from machines which ahd to safety devices. coal dust destryoed the lungs of young workers textile workers often breathed the air filled…show more content…
asserted free market would help everyone FM would produce more food at lower prices The Utilitarians preached by bentham benthams chief follower John Mills also argued that actions are right if they promote happiness and wrong if they cause pain Emergence of Socialism The Utopians thought they could make everyone equal Robert Owen; Thomas More Robert Owen mill owner refused to use child labor treated employees well 1820's many people were visiting NEw Lanark to study owens reforms. In the end it failed The Scientific Socialism of Karl founded by Karl Marx Marx and Engels wrote The Communist Manifesto, published in 1848. began the spctre of communism Looking Ahead alot of people sued the idea of MARXISM but not all of them practiced it like he imagined. Failures marxist lost its appeal in the countries of europe and north america. people felt stronger ties to thier own countries than to the international communist movement. Revolutions failures did not boom movement intantly. russia embraced marxism and the Russian Revolution of 1917 set up a communist-inspired goverment. asia latian america africa all adopted
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