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Urbanization in Homestead Essay

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Antero Blanco
Professor Paul Baldauf
Environmental Science
22 June 2012

            Literature Review:
      Urbanization in Homestead
    Biology 1040

Over the years, the city of Homestead, Florida has drastically evolved. Back in the day, Homestead was nothing but farmlands; however, today this city has become a victim of urbanization with many homes, shops, restaurants, parks and so forth. For this literature review paper, I would like to briefly discuss urbanization in general and how it has affected agriculture in this particular city.
Urbanization occurs when rural areas become urban or densely populated cities. Agricultural land in an area can be converted into parking lots, housing developments and shopping malls. A brownfield of vacant warehouses and factories can also be transformed into a residential and commercial site as an example. Nowadays, urbanization has become a more popular way of living not only in the United States, but around the world. In addition, urbanization offers many benefits over a rural area. It can increase jobs, provide health care and living resources in general. With all these advantages, the negative side of this would be the challenges this can bring to the environment. Does urbanization truly cause a risk to our environment? We will examine this shortly.
As with the urbanization of any area and in the past years, Homestead has experienced additional automobile emissions, waste materials and traffic congestion, to name a few. In addition, the water resources, drainage systems have also been affected. So converting a rural area into an urban one has its pros and cons. How we live in it and conserve our resources, I believe would determine that end result.
Let’s discuss the positives of urbanization in Homestead at the current time. I find it highly interesting that although the city has become quite urban, it still has managed to conserve so many of the farmlands and crops. Could it be that this city has...

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