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“URBAN SPRAWL AND ITS EFFECT ON URBAN ENVIRONMENT AND RURAL AREA STUDY OF MAYANI DIST- SATARA.” Mr. Dattatray P. Mane, ABSTRACT In some part of our country increase in urbanization taking place because of increase in population in recent years and concentration of industrialization. Availability of services, employments as well as availability of basic regular use things in large scale causes concentration of population in major scale creates urbanization in step by step urbanization having both good and bad effects. We consider all above things and we try to study the research paper on village Mayani, Tal- khatav, Dist.- Satara.and try to present. Availability of facilities and due to this increase in urban sprawl and its effects on urban environment. We try to study these effects in this research paper Day by day increase and progress in the weekend and regular market of Mayani, available education, banks and continuous increase in trade due to urban sprawl in Mayani. & neighboring villages of Mayani. Impressed that’s why it helps to reach economics stability on these villages. But due to urban sprawl Mayani having some problems related to water supply, traffic, insufficient market place (area) Increase in urban sprawl and its effects on urban environment. We will see a better example of this Mayani. INTODUCTION -- Urbanization is the movement of population from rural to urban areas and the resulting increasing proportion of a population that resides in urban rather than rural places. It is derived from the Latin 'Urbs' a term used by the Romans to a city. Urban sociology is the sociology of urban living; of people in groups and social relationship in urban social circumstances and situation. Thompson Warren has defined it as the movement of people

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