Urban Tourism Essay

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List of Contents Introduction 3 Tourism in Urban Areas 3 Urban Tourism Demand in Oxford City 4 Urban Tourism Supply in Oxford City 4 Marketing of Urban Tourism in Oxford city 5 Case Study: Oxford city 6 Findings 7 Discussions Based on Findings 8 Conclusion Based on Findings 9 References List 10 INTRODUCTION Residents of urban areas from long time linked with tourism. Sharma (2004) stated that tourism was not a new trend within large and historic cities but Until1980’s tourism’s importance has been neglected. When many cities were started developing into important destinations then only in 1980 the urban tourism concept got introduced. Later in this period leisure tourism become more important and have increased considerably. Selby (2004), Law (2002) states that urban tourism got new direction in late 1970’s which was a center of attention for economic and environmental regeneration. Tourism activity that occurs in big cities or urban areas signifies Urban Tourism according to Law (2002). Urban areas act as destination by domestic, international, leisure, business and conference trips visitors stated by Sharma, (2004). Popesu and Corbus, (2010) classified that

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