Urban Public Space Essay

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Are inner city open spaces as important as the buildings they surround? Chris Lazenby 33226670 BA (Hons) Architecture Leeds Metropolitian University 2011 Contents List of illustrations Introduction Different city activities Inner city access The public realm Integrate or segregate Conclusion Bibliography List of illustrations Fig 1 - Le Corbusier’s Radiant City (Mastersplanning.blogspot.com) Fig 2 - Jan Gehl’s representation of activities in outdoor spaces (Life Between Buildings - Jan Gehl) Fig 3 - The Seattle Bluering (mithun.com) Fig 4 - The destroyed Embarcadero Freeway, San Francisco (Builtenvironmentblog.blogspot.com) Fig 5 - The new Embarcadero Boulevard (inn-california.com) Fig 6 and 7 - The Segram building, NY by Mies Van Der Rohe (NYC-Architecture.com) Fig 8 and 9 - Residents of Dharavi Slum, Mumbai (Human Architecture.com) Fig 10 and 11 - Results of a survey undertaken by author Introduction This paper looks into the areas surrounding buildings in built up areas, in particular the areas that are publicly accessible and the access through these spaces - are these spaces more or less important than the buildings which they surround? The different activities that occur in these places will also be investigated, as well as how the surroundings affect these activities. The one thing that is always in architectural drawings, regardless of context or quality of project, is drawings of people. This shows that people and life are very important in an urban context. A deserted city or an empty theater are both uneasy places to spend time, the feeling that something is not right. Nothing makes such a

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