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What are the functions that gangs fulfill (the needs they meet)? Suppose you have been hired as an urban planner for the city of Los Angeles. How could you arrange to meet the needs that gangs fulfill in ways that minimize violence and encourage youth to follow mainstream norms? The police’s definition of a gang is a group of individuals, juvenile and/or adult, who associate on a continuous basis, form an allegianance for a common purpose, and are involved in delinquent or criminal activities. It allows the police departments to take proactive law enforcement action normally before the gang gets an organized structure. The gang can or may range from a loose knit group of individuals who hang around together and commit crimes together, to a formal organization with a leader or ruling council, gang colors, gang identifiers could be such as tattoos, and a gang name. In the textbook on page 145, “Islands in the Street: Urban Gangs in the United States, it says that the functions that gangs fulfill or motives for joining a gang is to possible to escape a broken home, but many members that join still interact with their families. So that must not be the only reason in some cases of why people join gangs. It also say its because of money, drugs, woman, to commit a crime, and for protection because its better than the police. Teenagers are intrigued by the lifestyle of the gangsters and are most likely drawn to them like magnets, they will hang with them to try to prove their allegiance. They will be asked to commit a crime to prove themselves, and once they have proven themselves then they will be initiated. The initiation can be very brutal. Some gangs will set a time limit of ten minutes in which time the inductee will be beat on by a set number of members, they are allowed to kick and punch. Some gangs rules where you are allowed to hit the victim anywhere on the

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