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Urban Deer Hunting Essay

  • Submitted by: bjamesweed
  • on December 3, 2013
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Ben Wedemeier
Mrs. Welker
Jr. Comp
4 December 2012
Urban Deer Hunting
For many years now deer have been an important part of the world in which we live in today. We have seen drawings of them on the very walls that cavemen drew upon and we have read of them from stories of the settlers of America. They are unique creatures of divine beauty. This beauty, though, is lost on the people of Cape Girardeau, where the sighting of deer has almost become a daily occurrence. People in Cape Girardeau have learned that you can’t drive anywhere in our town and not see our town. This deer problem has gotten to the point where if you don’t see a deer on your daily drive then you think that something is wrong. This high population of deer has caused many dangers for the people of Cape Girardeau and has also caused dangers for their own species. These dangers can be avoided by the solution of urban deer hunting. Urban deer hunting is a logical and humane solution to the dangerously high population of deer in Cape Girardeau.
This high population of deer in Cape Girardeau comes to no surprise for those educated in how deer live. Most people think that it is odd for deer to be living in the city where there are people. But it is easily seen why deer live in the city of Cape Girardeau once you look at what habitats deer live in and what they need to survive. Deer need three things in order to survive: 1.Food 2.Water and 3.Shelter (Conservation Commission of Missouri). All these three things are satisfied by what is in the city of Cape Girardeau today. In Cape Girardeau, the deer’s need of food is met with ease. The deer’s main food source is something that almost everyone sees outside on their lawn everyday: acorns. Acorns provide many important things for deer. They affect their whole body condition and help with their winter survival. They also play a very important role in helping regulate and control the reproductive organs in deer (Conservation Commission of Missouri)....

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