Urban Agriculture Is the Growing Solution Essay

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Steven Mauric WR121 Jonathan Morrow 5 December 2013 Urban Agriculture is the Growing Solution Approximately 33 million people in the United States go hungry on a regular basis (Haletky and Taylor 27). With that being 10% of America, we begin wondering what has been done – if anything – to help these people come out of starvation. In particular, low-income urban communities have been the worst when it comes to food security. Even with all the global food industries producing food at a ridiculous rate, cities (especially ones with a high minority rate) suffer constantly to obtain food, and have little or no access to fresh, healthy food. A growing solution to the problem is actually growing. Urban agriculture has become increasingly popular among big cities, and has caused talk all across the country. Even with the limited space caused by the many commercial and residential lots, people are gardening to save money and eat healthier. There have even been public gardens, which are non-profit and tended to by the community. As more and more of these gardens sprout up, it “simultaneously improves many other economic, social, and environmental conditions.” (31) If this was a solution promoted and funded by state governments, they would be able to reach out to poorer populations where this idea would help keep them with their basic food necessities. Urban agriculture is the key to food security, and the easy guide to eating healthier – as fast food is becoming an easier hobby. Imagine a large sprawling city with businessmen dashing across sidewalks, and bikes and cars zooming all over the roads. As you go down a few blocks, traffic seems never ending. Then you spot a 10 by 10 foot patch of leafy greens at the edge of some houses, with a few people outlining the edges. It seems outlandish and unreal, but it is happening. These gardens have been a cheap alternative to

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