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Ur Umuc Healthy Fitness Center Business Process Modeling Stage 1 Essay

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Stage 1: Business Environment Analysis
University of Maryland University College

Author Note
This short paper was prepared for IFSM 300 taught by Professor ******** in accordance with the instructions posted on Web Tycho Course Content.
Stage 1: Business Environment Analysis
The UR UMUC Healthy Fitness Center has sustained its reputation as a small fitness center that targets a specific demographic. While business is in steady decline, and profits seem to reflect an unstable customer base, there are specific areas that can be improved. This fitness center needs to be taken from the antiquated 1980 business model to a more current, streamlined process. Equipment maintenance and replacement will be a top priority and classes and exercise programs must meet the needs of the present consumer. A holistic view must been taken of the entire business which will allow for more accurate accounting of operating cost and potential profit. An in depth analysis of fitness centers demographics will also assist in a marketing plan that will keep current member and attract new business. After performing a Porter’s Five Forces analysis, I will determine which Generic Strategy to incorporate in an effort to improve the fitness center. I will identify which Strategic Business Area, and more specifically which process needs to be improved.
In order to move the business forward, it’s important to determine which areas hold the most power, and whether or not this power works for or against the fitness center. There are five forces that influence a business: supplier power, buyer power, competitive rivalry, threat of substitution, and threat of new entry. Buyer power is how customers affect the price of a product of service. In this scenario, the services and amenities provided by the fitness center must remain competitive with rival businesses or the customers will use their power to either leave or drive the price down. Supplier power is specific to the cost of...

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