Upside of Government Essay

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XXXXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX 10 September 2012 The Upside of Government Government is needed in our society to maintain safety nets for the inequities of our society, but on the other hand, government is seen as another opposite entity. Some people in our society believe government should be done away with. The legacy of inequities in this country has been an elongated journey that has affected the psyche of many people. With this said, government has always played an important role and is learning how to engage with the experience of the majority and minority in this country. Centuries and decades ago, African American families were disenfranchised on many levels. Unemployment was a challenge because of discriminatory factors. Due to employment, there were always struggles to feed and provide shelter for families. In 1964, President Lyndon Johnson decreed an order to stop poverty in this county through government. It helped many families and also helped the country economically. Many families were able to be fed, and children were able to go to school with a full stomach. However, during this time, immigrants entering the country were more privileged than African Americans. Retrospectively, housing was and still remains a factor in the African American communities. The government created public housing for low income people. Even though public housing started off with middle-class whites, by the 1970’s African Americans started to move in because of affordability. Even though there may have been roundtable discussions amongst government officials about the move-in of African Americans into these housing projects, there has always been a malicious agenda behind low-income communities. Many of these discussions were not for the benefit of African Americans but only for the reputation of this country. During the 1990’s more people were migrating here from
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