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Toheeb Adeyemi Unit 5 M3 Asch’s study is a very good example of how people conform to the actions of others, even though they know that what others say or do is not necessarily right. The aim of this study was to discover how much the majority influences the decisions of individuals during a clear task. Would the majority vote influence their own answer to the apparently single option, or would they stick firmly to their view that they knew to be correct? How many individuals in the group would conform? He found out during the 12 most important trials, 36.8% of the answers given by the ‘real’ participants were incorrect, effectively conforming to the wrong answers given by the common associates. Only 25% never gave a false answer, therefore showing that 75% conformed at least once. To make sure that the motivation lines were clear, Asch conducted a controlled experiment that had no partners giving false answers. The results showed that people do make mistakes 1% of the time. He concluded that the total results showed a shockingly strong trend to conform under group pressure, even in cases where the answer is clear. For Asch, the experiment revealed to him the important factor of there being conformity at all. However, the experiment also revealed to Asch that during two-thirds of his trials, the participants had remained independent, giving clear evidence that people can be natural by group pressure. These findings can be applied to the uniformed public services in several ways. Firstly, there was an incident in the Gulf conflict in which Iraqi Prisoners of War were humiliated by American soldiers. While all the soldiers involved were disciplined, it could have been the case that some of them conformed to this behaviour because they did not want to feel left out. That is to say, they wanted to feel as though they were part of the group and needed to
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