Ups Consumer Psychology Essay

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Jared Sernoffsky Psych of Consumers United Parcel Service United Parcel Service, or UPS, is the world’s largest package delivery company. The company is known for its brown trucks, and its shield is of the most recognizable company images. As America’s forth largest employer the company has nearly 350,000 employees. By means of an extensive network of ground, air and ocean transportation vehicles UPS has propelled itself from a small single city company to a nationally known currier. Today UPS can deliver to 80 percent of the world within two day’s time because of a well-organized company structure. Founded on 100 dollars in 1907, UPS began as “American Messenger Company”-- a private delivery and messenger system that relied upon the “best service and lowest rates” to be successful. In 1913 the company changed its name to “Merchants Parcel Delivery” as it focused more upon delivering packages. It was at this time the company started to combine packages going to the same geographic area in the same delivery vehicle. This tactic kept rates low and allowed the company to expand. Merchants Parcel Delivery had large clients including the United States Post office and multiple department stores, all of which appreciated the care given to each parcel. The company expanded with technology and soon acquired another company. This expansion took business past Seattle and into LA and marked the beginning of the United Parcel Service or UPS. In 1930 UPS expanded to the east coast, but continued to focus mainly on department store deliveries. UPS continued to flourish, but looked to expand. The company faced a hurdle when it wanted to start competing with the U.S. Postal service by delivering packages between private and commercial customers. Using legal means to fight the regulations of the ICC, UPS was able to expand operations across state lines and eventually

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