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Synopsis Information technology has a big impact in the world today, and it plays a major roll in how UPS operates its business. It help the company achieve many goals such as Operational excellence, New products, services, and business models, Customer and supplier intimacy, Improved decision making, Competitive advantage, Survival. This intern will have a successful company and happy customers and they can be able to keep up with the competitors. Case Study Questions 1. What are UPS “Smart Labels?” What role do they play in UPS operations? UPS “Smart Labels” are computer generated shipping labels that an individual can create during their personal time, whether at home on a personal computer or at work. The information that the smart label contains on their barcode provides the user with an increased reliability, the ability to improve transit time since it is connected with a GPS and access to the value-added services reserved for packages, since the barcode contains data imported directly from the customer system. When the package arrives at every station it is scanned which would then update the main database providing the customer with an up to date tracking information about the package and also enabling the end part of the delivery to schedule the best route for ensure on time delivery of the package. 2. Write out the steps a package takes from pick-up by a UPS driver to delivery including the role of DIAD, the UPS Data Center, and the UPS Package Center. • Processing starts with customer inputting order, the package will be sent to the warehouse and UPS data center will receive the tracking information. • Before shipping out the package it will be scanned by DIAD, the information sent up to the main data center. • Shipping out: when the package was delivered the customer needs to sign their

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