Upper GI Bleeding Case Paper

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Upper GI Bleeding Case Presentation/ Patient History A 76 year old Caucasian man presents to the Accident and Emergency department complaining of constellation of symptoms of dizziness, near fainting, shortness of breath, weakness and lethargy. The patient states that he has passed black tarry stools for 1 day. He also complains of intermittent and generalized abdominal pain. His past medical history is significant for duodenal ucer diagnosed on OGD in 2010, osteoarthritis and neck spondylosis, hypertension and hypercholesterolenemia. Review of systems showed no significant weight loss or anorexia nor change of bowel habits. He underwent right hemicolectomy secondary to colon cancer with no post operative complications and no history of abdominal trauma. He is a non alcoholic drinker nor a smoker…show more content…
Significant orthostatic changes are noted in the patient's pulse and blood pressure.Patient's blood sugar level, which was __________mmol/L was within acceptable range. Oxygen saturation is __________. The patient is tachypneic, with a respiratory rate of breaths/min, but he is not in any acute respiratory distress. At the time of initial evaluation, he appears pale and weak, and dry oral mucosa is noted. The examination of the head and neck is normal except for pale conjunctiva. His lungs are clear to auscultation. The cardiac evaluation reveals tachycardia, with normal heart sounds and no murmurs noted. The abdominal examination is significant for ________________tenderness, without rebound or guarding. He is noted to__________abdominal distension as well as hyperactive bowel sounds. The patient's peripheral arterial pulses in the upper and lower extremities are poorly palpable but equal and capillary refill is ____________. A rectal examination reveals _____________________. The rest of the physical examination is

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