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Handouts Asma Shiraz Impression Management The definition of the situation is a process that occurs in interaction, that all participants engage in. We like to exert some control over the outcome. To aid in defining the situation, we often use impression management tactics. These tactics are self-presentation techniques individuals use to manipulate the impressions formed by others. There are three types of selves people try to give off using self-presentation techniques 1. Authentic self- an image of ourselves that is consistent with the way we view ourselves (our real self) 2. Ideal self- a public image of ourselves that is consistent with the way that we wish we were (our ideal self) 3. Tactical self- a public image that is positive and favorable-- whether it is authentic or ideal-- usually we do this by claiming to have attributes consistent with what others want us to be. Self-Presentation Techniques 1. Self-disclosure- where you disclose information about yourself as a means to claim an authentic identity 2. Managing Appearances- where you manage your appearance to be perceived a given way. This is more tactical, to present a somewhat false, exaggerated, or leading image. There are many ways this can take place I. Physical Appearance and Props - example: if you want to appear intelligent, you might put on glasses (which is a prop); if you want to appear like a professional, you may put on a suit and carry a briefcase, even if the briefcase is empty II. Emotional Expression - example: if you work in a service industry (such as in retail or at a restaurant), even if you may be upset you need to manage your emotions. You appear happy or at least content when dealing with the customers to attempt to seem happy to be helping them. III. Associates - example: If I were trying to impress someone, I might mention

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