Upholding Academic Honesty

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Upholding Academic HonestyUpholding Academic Honesty Upholding academic honesty is about trust. This is the most important thing to the University of Phoenix and to the whole student body. In fact, it is no surprise to me that students are expected to conduct themselves ethically, honestly, and with integrity just like any job or professional business. Basically, treat others the way you want to be treated and respect others in such a way that students can mind their own business on personal matters. Being an adult is all about being responsible for your own actions, not blaming others and finally finding solutions for your own problems. The purpose of a student is to work with other students collaboratively in achieving goals and learning objectives. Misconduct in disruptive behavior, harassment, and stalking, including fighting and bringing weapons to campus will not be tolerated. * Important behaviors for an ethical leaner or current University of Phoenix would include treating people in such a way as to respect their freedom and individuality. Americans take their freedom for granted so much, that I truly believe that only people who have had their freedoms greatly reduced, such as those who have served in the military, know exactly what it means to be free. Everyone has a right to be themselves, but if that right involves behavior where it interferes with learning, then that individual needs to be corrected or removed from disrupting other students. Ethical learning develops a capacity of empathy which enables students to have a greater consideration for others. There is no individual in a team and that everyone can work together through team work towards a common goal or successful outcome. * The Student Code of Conduct is important to me, because it sets a foundation to what is expected from me as a student and all other students. Having

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