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An element of rituals that Nye discusses in his text is the term symbolism and how symbols "represent more than their material properties" (Nye 2008, 135). He mentions how symbols play a big part in rituals because they show association and meaning. In the film it was easy to spot the reoccurring symbols; one being the use of balloons. To the younger audience it may just be his mode of transportation, but when looked at from an analytic eye, a balloon is something that can represent a dream. Dreams can be uplifting and make our deepest thoughts seem like a reality; however, balloons are also very delicate and can pop easily. In the movie, every time Carl and Russell encountered a bad situation, more balloons would burst or droop down, symbolizing failure at completing the dream. Mr. Fredricksen was also a previous balloon vendor, back when Ellie was still alive; the balloons may be a symbol of her still being with him but in spirit and helping him reach their dream to Paradise Falls. The house was another symbol in the movie that was used as a representation of something else. In this case, there was a connection between the house and Carl's heavy heart of sadness after his wife’s death. The house seemed to be a burden on Carl, although he never saw it that way. He would refer to the house as Ellie and he never once complained about its weight. In the beginning when construction workers begged to have the land the house was on, Carl immediately disagreed, showing his ignorance and adamant behaviour. This situation was similar to his attitude at that time because he was not a very welcoming or open person to anyone or anything. During the course of the movie, Carl went through a transformation that allowed him to let go of his bad attitude and release all the pain and sadness and continue living his life to the fullest—even at his old age. This was symbolized

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