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The television show that I chose to watch throughout the semester was “Up All Night” a NBC sitcom starring Christina Applegate and Will Arnett as anxious new parents trying to take on parenthood. Christina Applegate plays Reagan, who is a career-focused party girl trying to merge mommy hood into her self-image as she returns to her job as a TV producer on her best friend Ava, Maya Rudolph’s, talk show after being on a maternity leave. Will Arnett is the somewhat childlike husband named Chris, who gives up his job at a law firm to be a stay at home dad to their daughter Amy. They are both portrayed throughout the shows, in a very comic way, in which they are shell-shocked and scared to death to screw up as new parents. They are rattled by self-doubt, sleep deprivation and the pressure of today’s parenting etiquette. The comedy sitcom tells its stories through using humor that most parents can relate to. Parents and adults in generally is who I believe the target audience to be. This audience would be able to relate more to the shows concept. I believe that while this age group is the target audience, other age groups are able to enjoy the shows comic relief as well. In the first episode the writer introduces the characters as being new parents who are trying their hardest to fix the little imperfections that they have made habits such as cussing and staying out late so that they can be the best parents possible to their new baby girl Amy. For instance when they leave the hospital and start to ride home Reagan states “Wait, wait they forgot to give us our manual, how inconsiderate (TV Fanatic)”.When they get home and start to get into the routine of handling their new baby girl they start to come in contact with more problems. They got new neighbors and decided that they wanted to come off to those neighbors as cool and hip people who these new neighbors

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