Uop Str 581 Capstone Final Examination Part Two Essay

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STR 581 Capstone Final Examination, Part Two [pic] 1. Internal reports that review the actual impact of decisions are prepared by: • the controller • department heads • factory workers • management accountants Find the final exam answers here STR 581 Capstone Final Examination, Part Two 2. Horizontal analysis is also known as: • trend analysis • vertical analysis • linear analysis • common size analysis 3. Which of the following is an advantage of corporations relative to partnerships and sole proprietorships? • most common form of organization • reduced legal liability for investors • lower taxes • harder to transfer ownership 4. Serox stock was selling for $20 two years ago. The stock sold for $25 one year ago, and it is currently selling for $28. Serox pays a $1.10 dividend per year. What was the rate of return for owning Serox in the most recent year? (Round to the nearest percent.) • 32% • 16% • 12% • 40% Complete Answers here STR 581 Week 1 Knowledge Check (Latest) 5. External financing needed: Jockey Company has total assets worth $4,417,665. At year-end it will have net income of $2,771,342 and pay out 60 percent as dividends. If the firm wants no external financing, what is the growth rate it can support? • 30.3% • 27.3% • 32.9% • 25.1% 6. An unrealistic budget is more likely to result when it: • has been developed by all levels of management. • has been developed in a top down fashion. • has been developed in a bottom up fashion. • is developed with performance appraisal usages in mind. Download now STR 581 Week 1 Complete 7. Which of the following financial statements is concerned with
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