Uop Cc Thinking Week 5 Assinmnet B+ Essay

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Knowing how to express both a problem and issue is something that can be very important threw out life and right now with a certain situation I have chosen the idea of financial challenges this is something that is almost plaguing my family right now. Just a few months ago my older brother of only 22 who has never smoked or chewed threw out his whole life was told that he has stage four mouth cancer. Which as I’m sure you all could imagine was a huge shock to my whole family. At first we had this though that it might not be that bad with the originally he was only told he had stage 3 it was not until he went into surgery that it was upgraded to stage four. This is something that was horrible for my family to understand how it just kept getting worse and worse over time. But in the end there was no doubt he had to have surgery to remove his tongue and try and remove all the cancer. Well they didn’t get it all so he was forced into chemo and radiation to try and kill the rest. If having to deal with the idea that my brother might die that is not all we have to deal with. Sense he was told he has cancer my family has landed in over hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt which to be honest we cannot afford to pay. This is a huge problem right now and it is starting to tear at my family as a whole and there is no doubt that it is stopping us from being the family we once were. In this situation it is hard to figure out which is the problem which is the issue you but if I had to choose I would say the issue is that my brother is dying and the problem is that we have to spend almost a million dollars we don’t have to hope to save his life even though it does not look to promising. I feel this way because the fact is that no matter what we can’t take away the cancer and that is a huge issue but we can deal with the problem of the money is ways of payment plans or even

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