Dystopian Society In Unwind

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What if abortion was outlawed but then the choice was given to parents if they wanted to keep their children alive or have them “unwound” between the age of thirteen and eighteen? This idea is explored in the book Unwind by Neal Shusterman. The story takes place after the second civil war that was fought over abortion. It tells the tale of three “unwinds”, Connor, Risa, and Lev, as they try to escape the police and continue to live. The story has many twists and turns and is a true dystopian novel. To start, Unwind displays three distinct characteristics of a Dystopian society. First, propaganda is used to control the thoughts of citizens in society. The body parts of the children that are “unwound” are advertised and the good parts go for a higher price. Second, information, independent thought, and freedoms are restricted. For example, all the kids between the age of thirteen and eighteen in Unwind are afraid to be themselves because they may be “unwound” for expressing themselves. Finally citizens conform to uniform expectations. All the people in the US believe “unwinding” children is okay because it is…show more content…
The idea of “unwinding” was originally passed in the story because of the concept that once a child was “unwound” they would continue to live on in many different people. This idea was the adopted by the church and taken to a whole new level with the idea of tithing. Lev, one of the main characters, is supposed to be a tithe. A tithe is a person who is willingly given to be “unwound” because that is what god would want. The government is also very controlling when it comes to “unwinding.” Once the papers are signed by a set of parents the child being “unwound” is government property. The government also created a new brand of police just for tracking down runaway “unwinds.” The world in which Unwind takes place is a truly messed up
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