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Unwind by Neal Shusterman has adults in it with so many different points of view. It's crazy how diverse they are. Some are good and some are bad. It would probably be really hard to help unwinds after you've been brainwashed and when it's against the law. But there are some brave people in this story that help save these kids' lives. The really brave ones, breaking the law to help innocent children, are the ones that help in every way possible. The ones that provide hiding places or transportation or something like that. One of the most helpful people was the admiral, a strict man with a goal to save those kids. He kept all those unwinds safe until they turned eighteen. When the admiral explains his rules you can see that he has them for a reason (Shusterman 197 – 199). To keep unwinds safe and to keep this whole graveyard thing running smoothly and secretive. His own child being unwound really inspired him to help these kids make it through their lives. He was one of the few people in this society that believed even the worst trouble makers deserved to live as a whole. The people who helped unwinds make their way to the graveyard were also brave. People like the woman from the antique shop, Sonia. She provided Connor, Rissa, and many other unwinds a hiding place from the juvey cops until they had their ride to the graveyard. Sonia said “Four more days until I'm rid of you for good” (Shusterman 98). This may seem like a rude comment to Connor and Rissa but it really is a sign of relief knowing that these unwinds will be on their way to safety soon. There are also the people that helped in what seemed like a small way but, in some situations, made all the difference in an unwind's safety. The people that just turned their head and ignored a run away. The people that didn't report an unwind to the juvey cops. Those people are stuck between helping someone and

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