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University Personal Statement To find the source of my live if science, I do not have to look far for it. A quick glance around my bedroom my eyes have set on hundreds of fascinating organisms. When I was in Montreal I met an old wise man who is now a retired doctor. From time to time I will go to his place to listen his stories as a child. I really enjoyed listening to his doctors life stories and looking through his wrinkly notebooks. That is when human biology entered my world. The human anatomy and its function, and the complexity, yet well-organized system has attracted me. What excites me the most is the human life processes, and how human are so overpowered by diseases. This is why I want to study health science McMaster University. In order to make sure that I really want to work in a hospital as a doctor, I have volunteered in Grace General Hospital as "flyer guy" in the summer of 2009. As a flyer guy I was at the main hall handing out flyers which I couldn't possibly experience doctors' life! Therefore, during my break time I would walk around the hospital and try to find a place where there are people/patients. As I walking around the hospital, before I realized I was at the residential section. As I passing through the hall, the sound of sobbing passed by my ear. It was either family members who sobbed for their patient or patents who sobbed for their own sake. Moreover, all of the patients that I had seen in that hall had tumors that were untreatable. It was then I made my decision to become a doctor. Not just any doctor, but a doctor who can bring smiles to patients and family members. I decided that will definitely get into health science so I can further study cancers and treat all the people who have cancers. Furthermore, I want to create a medicine, a treatment that can treat every illness and cancers. This may sounds impossible to many

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