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We are Not All Created Equal “We are not all created equal” is quite a discouraging title, but the contents of the essay are even more discouraging. It portrays that there is little hope of moving up in the world. There was a study done on thirty four countries and out of all of them, only two others showed less social mobility than the United States. Basically speaking, once you are born into a certain class, there is little hope of improving your social and financial status. One theory is that who wins and who loses is based on material possessions. If your family is rich then you also will be rich for life, and if you were born into a poor family, you will remain poor as will the generations after you. It is also said that the American dream is dead and that the working poor have a false hope that their poverty is not permanent. The essay attributes the class system and economics for being responsible for the fate of Americans as well as the collapse of the black lower middle class. The fact that we are not all created equal is in fact true. We are not equal, but we all have a great amount of opportunities to succeed. It is also true that people who start off with money will have more opportunities simply because of the fact that they have more money, but the fact is more than likely, they will have less motivation to take the opportunities they are presented with. Another problem with starting out rich is that it promotes financial irresponsibility. The person with inherited wealth does not truly know the value of the dollar, nor do they know what it took to go out and make that dollar, therefore they are more likely to spend it carelessly and with enough of that, the money will eventually disappear. I do not believe that your initial financial status dictates your fate. Yes, having a stressed financial situation will make things more difficult, but

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