‘Untamed Motorization’ Wraps an Indian City in Smog Essay

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New Delhi, a prospering metropolis, has now become one of the important trade centers in the world. However, the city benefiting from a rapid growth in economy must pay the price, which is the rising level of air pollution in the city that is threatening the lives of its citizens. All these air pollution issues can be solved one step at a time if the government of New Delhi can recognize the causes of air pollution, but the government might just once again disappoint its people because according to Ms. Dikshit, Delhi’s chief minister, she denies that the pollution is reaching an alarming level but instead she focuses on a topic that is less important by saying that “What is alarming is the impact that Delhi’s prosperity and its comfortable living is having on attracting more and more people to come here.” I have never been to New Delhi, but I have seen some Bollywood movies and I can never forget how disordered the traffic is. Most of the people in New Delhi commute by scooters and they do not abide by the traffic rules. The ease of buying a scooter is causing three major problems that affect the image of New Delhi. First of all, the disorderliness of traffic pushes pedestrians into danger. If Ms. Dikshit is correct about effect that Delhi’s comfortable living is Delhi’s comfortable living having on attracting more people to live in the city, how does she explain the comfort of walking through chaos every day and worrying about being hit by a vehicle any minute as one crosses a street? Second, if the government of New Delhi wishes the city to expand its economic growth continuously, it must learn how to manage the flow of its traffic. The reason is that trading of goods and products heavily depends on the flow of traffic. However, what Ms. Dikshit’s assumption that Delhi’s prosperity is constantly attracting more people to move into the city seems very

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