Unt 606 Support Individuals Who Are Substance User Essay

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Outcome 1 Understand about different substances, their effects and how they might be used The learner can: 1. identify the different substances which individuals might use, how they are used and their likely effects There are many different substances that are misused within society, below are the key ones and how they are consumed and what the common effects are: Alcohol – almost always consumed orally however I have seen reports of it being injected or even consumed through the anus to avoid the smell on one's breath. Effects: distorted perception, chaotic and unpredictable behaviour, uninhibited, at high risk of physical harm, reduced motor neuron skills. Opiates – Opiates come in a variety of different forms and therefore consumption can occur via a variety of different ways. Most commonly opiates are injected intravenously, Smoked using foil or in a joint, orally via liquid form or pill form. – Effects: lower heart rate, shallow breathing, stoned feeling, gouging, low blood sugar level, extreme relaxation. Stimulants/party drugs – this includes ecstasy, MDMA, cocaine and new designer drugs. These are most commonly consumed orally via pill form or nasally in powdered form. Effects: High state of consciousness, increased heart rate, sweating, increased thirst, lots of energy, big crashes, etc. Psychoactive – cannabis is usually smoked in a roll-up or pipe. It is also frequently ingested orally. Effects: stoned, increased heart rate, reduced blood sugar level, decreased sensory awareness, increased sensory awareness, etc. Street name Effects Risks Alcohol Booze Relaxant, feel less anxious and more sociable Slurred speech, nausea, psychological and physical dependence Amphetamines Speed, whizz, billy, uppers Euphoria, increased energy Anxiety, panic, paranoia Benzodiazepines Blues, downers, tranqs Sedation, relaxation Quickly develop

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