Unspoken Silence Essay

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Misspoken Silence I get up every morning hoping for the past to change and to wake up from this nightmare. When I get up in the morning I trace my fingers over my tattoo. A butterfly and a sunflower, the beautiful silence of art is brought to life with hues and shades of yellows, oranges. purples, and blues. Her silence speaks though, the art on my body, which holds a million words and one memory of pain. I can remember my phone ringing at some odd hour of the morning, when no one should be up. Not sure of what to think I hugged my hoody closer to my body and reluctantly answered my phone. “Tory…” my father’s voice rang out as I stayed silent waiting for him to continue. “Victoria!” His voice was frantic, all I answered with, was an almost silent “Hmmmmm?” I don’t remember the pointless babbling before the name “KT.” When he muttered her name my hoody was pulled around me almost as tight as a corset, and my body shook nervously. I tried choking back my tears, trying to make myself come to terms with what had happened. “This can’t be true, he’s lying,” is the only thing that registered in my mind. The last thing I heard from my father was “I love you,” and with that a click allowing me to know he hung up. I pulled my phone away from my now tainted ear, and then looked at it for what seemed like forever. It only took a split second for it to violently leave my hand, hit against the wall, and reach the cushion of my carpet. Damn that vile thing for giving me bad news. My hand moved to my necklace as I flipped my lock pendant between my fingers. It was the only movement made as I stared blankly at my door. The silence of my room was interrupted by my mother poking her head in to see what the thud was. I broke; I buried my face into my comforter. Streams of tears ran down my flushed cheeks as I held the lock tightly in my hand. I’ve always wondered if the people

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