Unseen Poetry: Children at War Time by Isobel Thrilling

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Note- teacher marked, received 15/18 target "develop comments on structure." The poet uses the poem to emphasise how children are broken by war. The phrase "sirens ripped open the warm silk of sleep" personifies the sirens to give the violent image that wartime "ripped" children's lives. The word ripped has connotations of pain and damage and as it is a forceful word it implies that war creates a damage and pain on children that is hard to fix. The war is tearing children from "the warm silk of sleep". sleep represents safety and relaxation, war destroys this calmness and takes advantage of vulnerability that sleep causes. The sibilance of "silk of sleep" gives a soothing effect, that echos the sound that would help children fall asleep. Alternatively, the sibilance creates a sinister tone reflecting the threat of war. additionally, "silk" is a luxurious item, and the phrase suggests that war removes luxoury, affecting the child's life as they no longer are able to have more than they need, making them less privileged. the poet uses symbolism to explore children's feelings during the war. The image of a "jaw of glass" gives the idea that the house is screaming, symbolising the children's pain. the word "jaw" gives the connotation of sharpness, linking to the bitterness and pain. The poet is explaining how the aftermath of bombings can be worse than during them, as you see the destruction and scream in horror. this leaves children in pain, and perhaps makes them bitter about how their homes have been destroyed. The poet also suggests that war breaks hope. The image of her "window spun with stars" represents hopes and dreams. "stars" especially do this as a child will typically wish upon a star to make a dream come true. the word "sky"also represents hope, and the "sky" is infinite and open and that represents freedom. As the window is "broken" it suggest
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