Unrestricted Immigration Dbq

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Max Cohen H. American DBQ During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, many American nativist groups opposed free unrestricted immigration. The nativists felt that the immigrants threatened their Economic, political, and social way of life. Many people felt that by allowing too many of theses new comers in, we would quickly become the places they had fled (document # 3). American nativist grew with unrest toward the new immigrants in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. With the increase in numbers and diversity of the new comers, nativist felt that they threatened their economy and way of life. The nativists argued that the immigrants stole wages from Americans, corrupted societies morals, and as a result, contribute greatly to social unrest and labor violence. This unrest began when hard working American citizens lost their jobs and wages to immigrants who were willing to work for…show more content…
Firstly, they assert that the increase in immigrants is diluting the American votes in politics. Many of the immigrants are of races whose thoughts and beliefs are very different than ours, consequently they are taking away from our votes and changing our society (document # 3). Secondly, they contend that many of the immigrants are from the lower classes of society, they are the weak and crippled, and so they have fled here only to dishevel our moral (document # 4). These immigrants are vastly involved in criminal activities, such as liquor trafficking, and fill our jails and insane asylums. These sorts of characters are damaging to our standard of civilization. Lastly, the nativists say that in addition to corrupting our society and diluting our votes, the immigrants have been blatantly corrupting our politics with ballot frauds, vote purchases, saloon influence, and the support of the vicious and
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