Unpredictable Ending Of “The Necklace”

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Writing a short story is an art. I have been wondering what distinguishes an excellent story from an ordinary one and I have come to conclusion that the key is the ending of a story. There are many stories with predictable endings. These stories do not surprise a reader because he can very well predict what the ending will be based on the main character’s acts. Nevertheless, there are few stories with unpredictable endings. One of them is “The Necklace” written by Guy De Maupassant. The ending of this story is so unpredictable that it almost has an effect of a shock on a reader. At the beginning of the story Mathilde Loisel is portrayed as a spoilt young woman whose only desire is to be accepted by the upper class society. Despite the fact that she was born in a family of clerks, she daydreams of luxury. Since she possesses beauty, grace and style, she believes that her true place is among the upper class ladies. She completely refuses to accept the reality of her life: ordinary dwelling and worn-out furniture. Mathilde does not pay much attention to her husband either. In a word, she gives an impression of a person who is not capable of appreciating anything. No doubt, Mathilde is selfish and spoilt. Therefore, based on the description of her character, a reader expects that there will be some situation which will force Mathilde to change her views. Indeed, loosing an incredibly expensive necklace becomes a life-changing event for Mathilde. The readers probably feel some kind of moral satisfaction because deep in their hearts they want Mathilde to be punished for her wrong views of appreciating only material things. Maupassant describes several changes in Mathilde’s life. In order to buy a similar diamond necklace and return it to Mme. Forester, the Loisels have to borrow money from people. As a result, the next ten years for Mathilde are full of poverty.

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