Unpolished Gem Essay

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Belonging in individuals occur when they feel connected with peoples and places. Sometime, individual connection with the people and places, can naturally occur and is not challenging to build meaning connection with peoples and places, this concept was further explored in film Rabbit proof fences directed by Phillip Noyce and it was also explored in the song My Island home by Christian Anu. In contrast to that, Due to some barriers and cultural differences, sometimes it is difficulties and challenging for some individual to develop meaningful connection with people, This ideas was further explored in the memoir Unpolished Gem by Alice Pung. At the begging of Rabbit proof fence Noyce has emphasises that, individual are naturally connected with their own natives habitat and with their own family. ,At the begging of films , with the tracking shot of vast desert landscape, noyce has uses molly voiceover speaking on her native language saying “ we were desert people then, walking all overs our lands”. Use of first person plural “WE” and speaking on her native languages, clearly shows molly naturally attachment and connection with her lands and most importantly her connection with her peoples. In the opening sequences of film, Noyce has used mid shot to depict the picture of molly hunting for food with her mother and her beloved families. This use of picture, emphasize molly strong connection and bond with her family. This two examples clearly show that molly is naturally connected with family and her sense of belonging is arise from her family. These examples also emphasize that, building connection and finding love within family is not challenging for molly. Instead, molly connection with her family reinforces their love, security and care towards molly. In addition, when the molly and her sister were forcely removed from her family and their homeland to
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