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Unpolished Gem Quotes * Next, my Grandmother says her versions of grace. “Ah Buddha bless our Father Government,” she exalts. “Treating us better than our sons do. Giving old people money fortnight.” (25) * When my Grandma and I return from our walk, the laundry is done and my mother is preparing lunch. My Grandmother sits at the table and starts counting her Father Government money. Her Father Government money includes the money my father’s earns because he gives everything to her.” (25) * Many old folk who became family friends take good care of them, tell them who are the good boys, and the old women watch with a cunning eye to see which young women would be best suited for the son or cousin or so and so. (22) * And they sing the praises of someone’s son or someone’s brother, never mentioned by name, they are always someone’s son or someone’s male relative, because they do not exist in isolation of their family. No one exists in isolation of their family. (22) * The demented red bullet inside my mother’ s chest tunnels its way in all different directions. It’s going ballistic and making holes everywhere, holes in places where no hole should ever be. It is going to drive her crazy, it is going to push itself out and embed itself in her own flesh and blood. She wants this little daughter to be completely her own, but the girl is already doomed. (30) * “I’m busy clearing up, go and bug your Grandma”. After all, “Ma” is also the word used for grandmother, just two different tones used.” * From a very early age, I know that my grandmother and my mother do not get along. So I become an informer at the age of four, moving from one camp to the other, depending on which side offers the best bribe. (31) * “I will never tell you anything again, because you are such a word-spreader” (33) * “Aiyoooo, your mother doesn’t even care for her

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