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Connect to the outside world. Unplug In my opinion the biggest culprit in all of this are the social media. Facebook isn't the only one trending now YouTube is another site that is big now a days. YouTube has become an incredibly popular website that is used by people all over the world, but why? What makes this online video website so unique? There are a plethora of reasons, and I will explain some of those reasons to why YouTube is such a unique and successful and unique as well as an everyday use in today's generation.YouTube is a unique website because it is community powered. If there were not any users uploading videos to the website, then YouTube wouldn't be nearly as interesting and popular as it is now. The fact that pretty much anybody can upload a video of their own to the World Wide Web is an exciting idea for many, and YouTube allows for them to do this. Whether you are an aspiring movie maker, or somebody who has an interesting video that they would like to share such as the Gangman Style and the Harlem Shake, YouTube allows for the entire world to see your videos! People find it thrilling that they could be noticed internationally if their video is popular enough. Not only can users upload videos, but they can comment on other user's videos, rate them, respond to them, and much more. Under your own personal account you can see your friend's activities, see how many views your own channel has, and even see demographics regarding who has seen your videos, as well as much more! YouTube is also used by famous people. Various entertainment personalities as well as news sources can upload their videos to YouTube for anybody to watch. YouTube users find this handy because they can then "become a friend" of and "subscribe" to their favorite musician, celebrity, or whoever it may be. This way they can keep up with the latest news regarding their

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