Unnecessary Obedience to Parents Essay

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Unnecessary obedience to parents Are your parents authoritarian? Were you a ‘good’ kid under your parents’ strict parenting? Did you do something reluctantly just because of ‘my parents said so’? If your answers of the above 3 questions are ‘yes’, your parents properly used the parenting of obedience. Obedience means that the children do what they are told to do. Authoritarian Parents always use this type of parenting which consists of 3 characteristics: having strict rules and expectations, demanding but not responsive, utilizing punishments with little explanation. However, today’ society is changing and become more open and more competitive, we hope our next generation to have all-round development. An obedient parenting is no longer suitable to adopt, even worse, it can hinder children’s personal development and reach to other disadvantages. In my opinion, obedient to parents is not a must-follow rule nowadays. Firstly, obedient to parents hinders children’s critical thinking and the ability of independence. When a parent is forcing his kid to obey with by using the sentences such as ‘Do it right now, stop asking the reason! ’ or ‘Because I said so’, they will eventually turn down the development of an significant life skill: critical thinking! Just like the computer, receives an order and then completes it. They are the rules follower and implementer only. As time goes by, it will become a habit that has heavy reliance on their parents, failing to make his decisions by considering the fact and the action good or bad independently. As a result, the children are just getting older but not growing up! The obedient parenting is an obstacle of youngsters from getting to further stages. However, someone may hold beliefs that guidance provided by parents can avoid youngsters from making unnecessary mistakes and lead them to a smoother road. But it is already an

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