Unluckiest Groups In American History

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The Native Americans were probably the unluckiest groups in American history. The Europeans had developed into a much more advanced civilizations compared to the Native Americans. The discovery of the Americas had revolutionized the ways of life all over the world. The discovery of the New World lead to new opportunity for many Europeans. Christopher Columbus had believed that he could sail to East Asia by sailing west (American Civ to 1914, 8). He wanted to take this voyage because he thought it would be much shorter than having to sail around the southern tip of Africa. He had convinced Queen Isabella to fund his westward voyage. In 1492 his first voyage he had a fleet of 3 ships along with 90 men. They set sail in August and 10 weeks later they had landed on an…show more content…
Columbus had returned on two more times before he died. It wasn’t until 1513 that the Spanish crown had started to fund more voyages to the New World. As the Spanish sailors had explored more into the New World, they encountered the people that inhabited it. The interaction between the Natives Americans and the Spanish was both good and bad. There was a culture exchange, between the two landmasses. Europeans had brought over disease that the natives had no immunity. The diseases included influenza, measles, small pox, and typhus. These diseases killed millions “in the Maya area of Mexico, as much as 95 percent of the population perished.” (American Civ to 1914, 13-14). Another big cultural exchange was with crops. The Europeans were introduced to new crops like squash, corn, potatoes, and tobacco. It was a good way for the Spaniards to make money; “In 1611 John Rolfe planted seeds of a variety from the Spanish Caribbean, which was superior to the strain grown by Virginia Indians. Nine years later, Virginians exported 40,000 pounds of

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