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Unknown City Essay

  • Submitted by: Calynn
  • on April 27, 2011
  • Category: English
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Unknown City
I haven’t seen my roommate from college in five years.   After graduating she moved to a city called Uniqueville, I’ve never been there and don’t really know anything about it.   The bus stop where I got dropped off was nothing like I’ve ever seen before; everything was painted bright colors, it looked like something from a Warhol painting.   Bright reds, yellows, blue and greens, it was interesting but quite odd.   Another thing I noticed as I was stepping off the bus was the appearance of the people; they too were lavished in bright colors.   I heard a shriek followed by my name, I wasn’t aware of whom it was until she ran up and hugged me.   It was Sara, my old roommate.
She was just as unique as the bus stop; bright pink hair, blue eye shadow and orange lipstick.   I recalled back to what she looked like in college, brown hair, classy clothes and overall normal.   She had the same welcoming smile however, so I knew it was her.  
“Kelli! I’m so happy you’re here!” She exclaimed while looking me up and down, “We may want to doll you up some girl; you stand out like a sore thumb.”
“What?” I questioned.   She went on to tell me that the number one rule in Uniqueville was to, well, be unique.   This explains the bright colors everywhere.   The more I looked around the more I realized I stood out, I never in a million years thought that I looking like I do would be the one that stood out.   I almost felt the need to put on my sunglasses to block some of these colors.  
“Well, this place is certainly unique, looks like something right out of a movie.” I forced a smile.
The next unique thing I noticed was that there were no words on the street signs or buildings; everything was in symbols and pictures.   She took me into her favorite restaurant called ‘.’   The inside was more shocking than the outside, there were so many colors it looked like a rainbow exploded and splattered everything. The menus were no different; the only thing in it was pictures of...

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