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Unix/Linux/Windows Servers Essay

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The Benefits and Disadvantages of using Windows Server vice UNIX or Linux
POS 420
April 12, 2012

The Benefits and Disadvantages of using Windows Server vice UNIX or Linux
For many years, the decision for companies of what operating system to use was easy since Microsoft products were the only real viable option. However, with its growing popularity and compatibility, Linux is rapidly making a name for itself, forcing companies to take a closer look at this once slighted operating system. Our company is one such company that is faced with this decision. Our company has requested an operating system update for all of its server systems and has historically always used UNIX based operating systems to do so. Despite this past, our company is strongly considering to transfer all support servers to Windows servers and in an effort to reduce operating system cost and tailor the operation system to meet their specific requirements. Additionally, our company will conduct research to compare and contrast Windows servers and UNIX/Linux in the following areas:
• Security
• Administration
• Networking
• Performance
• Programmability
Web server security components over different operating systems vary.   The use of UNIX, LINUX, or Microsoft Windows servers when maintaining web services must consider security measures for a secure system for users and administrators.   Comparing operating systems will show both benefits and disadvantages of the systems.   The final proposal will show which operating system would best be used for maintaining 20 – 30 web servers.   True UNIX operating systems differ from UNIX-like systems.   Although LINUX systems are UNIX-like, the system still has differences when comparing security.   UNIX design incorporates permissions, user groups, passwords, user accounts, virus scanners, and firewalls.   Using the proper settings for each of these environments is essential in providing a secure system.

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