University Roles Essay

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There are days when one believes one is having wonderful day; however, even if one started out the day like this, it is possible that there will be a mood swing half way through the day. This can happen due to the environment one put oneself in, and it is something that happens daily throughout the human life. In the book “The Power of Places” written by Winifred Gallagher, discussed about the variety of roles people have throughout the day when they are in different environments; she also stated that these moods and feelings are the different faces that makes up one's identity. In many cases, most university students are a great example of having different behavior, due to the wide combination of living as an independent for the first time. Whether it is a fourth year student or a first year student at a university, both of these students at the same time are experiencing the different faces that they put on as each day goes by. University students play a different role in certain environment because of how society perceive things. Most university students can be studios in classes, shy around friends, and humble towards their floor-mates in the dorm, however it is very possible that other students may be a numbskull in classes, a flirt around friends, and disrespectful towards their floor-mates. Or it can be a little bit of both, students may be studios in classes, a flirt around friends, and humble towards their floor-mates, this very all depends on the environment they are in. Most of the time these students are just trying to fit in with the rest of the crowd, but researchers believes that there is more to it than that. It has been proven a long time ago that colors can affect the way people feel, for example blue signifies calmness whereas black signifies a mysterious and intense feeling. Colors plays a big part in a person's behavior because they are
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