University Of Phoenix Material: Developmental Stages Matrix

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University of Phoenix Material Developmental Stages Matrix |Developmental Stage |Physical changes |Cognitive changes |Socioemotional changes | |Infancy |Motor skills, they roll over, start to crawl. |Voice recognition, bright lights and colors, imitate |Communicate when hungry, fear of something, discomfort, other| | | |things, accepting foods. |emotions. React to familiar faces, smiles and laughter. | |Early Childhood…show more content…
| |Adolescence |Have growth spurt for girls 11-14 and boys 12-15, goes |Develop good decision making skills, more ample to take|Detach from parents and discovery own identity, friends are | | |through puberty, body matures, full adult configuration|risk, develop an understanding of intangible thinking, |more significant, peer pressure become more menacing, | | |of pubic hairs, girls get the menstrual cycle, boys |began to develop morals and values, began to questions |non-romantic relationships girls began to clique up and guys | | |facial hair comes in, boys voice begin to change around|things more often, differentia between their rights and|form their gangs, act the same, dress the same, partake in

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