University Crisis Plan

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ABC University Crisis Communication Plan Comm 520 December 2013 Table of Contents: 1. Acknowledgement 2. Introduction a. Purpose b. Scope 3. Objectives of the Plan 4. Procedure c. Convening of Team d. Representatives i. Important phone numbers e. Locations 5. Response f. Implementation g. Response(s) h. Secondary Response i. Ongoing j. post crisis 6. Appendix k. Dealing with Media – Trick Questions ABC University Crisis Communication Plan 1. Acknowledgements By signing this statement, I verify that I have read and agree to this crisis communication plan approved by the University Board of Trustees and I am prepared to put it into effect. ------------------------------------------------- President ------------------------------------------------- Vice-President (CFO) ------------------------------------------------- Vice-President Academic Affairs ------------------------------------------------- Vice-President for Student Affairs ------------------------------------------------- Director of Communications 2. INTRODUCTION 2.a Purpose (What is a Crisis?) ABC University’s Crisis Communications Plan outlines the roles, responsibilities and protocols that will guide the university in punctually distribute information with all of ABC’s audiences during a crisis. For the purposes of this plan, a crisis is defined as a significant event that threatens the institutions Mission, reputation, credibility, financial situation, (Fearn-Banks, 4th Edition) and prompts significant news coverage and public scrutiny and has the potential to damage the institution’s reputation, image or financial stability. A crisis could be precipitated by an emergency or a controversy. An emergency is defined as a fire, natural disaster, crime or
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