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Galdim Emrullahu Janet Tower Foundation English February 8, 2010 University I want to achieve something great in my life and only by going to university I can make that happen. The decision to go to university has always been undeniable in our society. As a child I dreamed to be a good man and an educated person in my life. My dreams never stopped hunting me about the university. Why did I choose to go to university? What are the reasons that made me go to university? What can the world expect from me? I believe that only by going to university I can make an enormous change in my life and in my country. Many people say these words to persuade their boss or their teacher, but these words come straight from the deepness of my soul. An unbelievable number of individuals do not attend university. Telling the truth I do not know their specific reasons, but it appears to be the biggest mistake in their lives. Is university so important? It really depends from the character of a person. If he wants to achieve great things in life then university will help him a lot. Not very often people achieve great things in life without university. I would not rely on those cases because they happen accidentally. Three main causes pushed me to go to university: my personal education, people around me (society) and, the world of business it seems to me one of the best ways to prepare myself is University. With my personal education I understand the development of my knowledge skills in many aspects. One of them is advancing my English language in every possible way. So, only by doing this I can properly understand and be understood when I talk to people. As we all know that English language is spread all over the world, and it is the most spoken language. It will be easier for me when I travel abroad, it will help me to communicate

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