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As Mr. Annan, I believe that to live is to choose. In order to choose well, I must know who I am and what I stand for, where I want to go and why I want to get there. Because it is the ability to choose well what makes us special and determines our future, I have spent a long time critically deciding the right choice in regards to my future academic education. Applying for AUC (Is AUC a university? If so, instead of writing "Applying for AUC" it should be "Applying to AUC...") is my first preferred choice when offered a scholarship. I chose AUC based on many reasons; education quality, cultural diversity, location, and student life. What makes AUC unique among many other universities is, as recognized, its outstanding education excellence. The highly qualified faculties at AUC know what students should really learn. Besides, AUC's cutting-edge instructional technology offers opportunities for better understanding, along with greater problem solving and critical thinking skills. Also, AUC's libraries and other educational labs provide a great learning environment where research is a major part of education. Based on these all facts, I believe I will be inspired by this educational brilliance to do my best as long as I am in the place where I can express myself; where my thoughts, my opinions, and my voice count. As a result, I will be better equipped for my career goals and will have superior and further opportunities in the future. Another reason that forces me to choose AUC from other options is the cultural blend of the student body. The various nationalities of AUC's students make it very interesting to study and meet people from different spots of earth and know the different lifestyles of other cultures. This will expand my horizons and open my eyes to a new world in which I will live, from different points of view. Therefore, the diverse student body of

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