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In the words of a wise man, “Life is a test and this world is a trial, only those who believe in themselves can ever hope to ace this test.” I believe in myself and my abilities. I have a dream to design the world’s fastest car and to fulfil my goal I intend to attend your prestigious university. The main reason why I am applying to study in your university is that I hope to partake of the superior quality of education imparted. I believe this to form an integral part in the process of the holistic development of an individual. Studying in your university also provides me with a chance to interact with people from all over the world, an opportunity to broaden my horizons. I have had the opportunity of visiting the United States before and was greatly impressed by the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the country. This diversity is why I believe I should have no problems in adjusting to the culture and lifestyle as the society would always feel so homely. I have always been intrigued by automobiles and aircrafts since childhood and this interest continues even today. Physics and mathematics have always been my favourite subjects at school. Since I nurture such a great interest in the physical aspect of science I intend to pursue Mechanical Engineering as my major course for higher education. Mechanical engineering, I believe, is an evergreen branch of engineering that has great prospects in today’s society. Currently I am studying in Birla Vidya Niketan, a reputed public school, in the 12th grade. The subjects that I am studying include Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and English. My aspiration of being a successful engineer is the main reason why I have opted for Engineering Drawing as my elective subject at school. I have received a scholarship and a certificate from the Delhi Sanskrit Academy for doing well in the Sanskrit exams in the 10th grade. I was awarded a

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