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MEDIASET ESPAÑA COMUNICACION, S.A. NOTICE CONVENING THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING The Board of Directors of MEDIASET ESPAÑA COMUNICACIÓN, S.A. has agreed to convene the Shareholders’ Annual General Meeting, to be held in Madrid at the company's registered office in Carretera de Fuencarral a Alcobendas nº 4, at 12:00 on 9th April 2014 on first call or on 10th April 2014 on second call, at the same place and time, to discuss and resolve the following: AGENDA Item One.- Examination and approval of the Annual Accounts (Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account, as well as the Notes to the Annual Financial Statements) and of the Management Report of both MEDIASET ESPAÑA COMUNICACIÓN, S.A. and its Consolidated Group of Companies for the year to 31st December 2013. Item Two.- Distribution of profit for 2013. Item Three.- Examination and approval of the management of the company’s business by the Board of Directors during 2013. Item Four.- Re-election and appointment of Board Members. 4.1 Re-elect as members of the Board of Diectors of the Company for a term of 5 years, to: 4.1.1 Mr. Alejandro Echevarría Busquet. 4.1.2 Mr. Fedele Confalonieri. 4.1.3 Mr. Giuliano Adreani. 4.1.4 Mr. Alfredo Messina. 4.1.5 Mr. Marco Giordani. 4.1.6 Mr. Paolo Vasile. 4.1.7 Mr. Giuseppe Tringali. 4.1.8 Mrs. Helena Revoredo Delvecchio. 4.2.- Appoint as a new menmber of the Board of Directors for a term of 5 years to Mr. Mario Rodríguez Valderas. Item Five.- Determination of the maximum overall annual remuneration payable to the Company’s Directors. Item Six.- Awarding Company shares to Directors who perform executive duties and to Senior Managers of the Company, as part of their remuneration. Item Seven.- Implementation of a remuneration scheme for Executive Directors and Senior Managers of the Company and Group member companies. Item Eight.- Authorization so that the company may buy back shares

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