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Situation, ethnicity, and social class: three external influences that played a part in my decision to enroll in a University. Situations are the unexpected things that happen in life. It could range from a layoff, health issues, promotion, demotion, mergers, etc. Ethnicity to me means race. Social class are the groups that people belong to. These three external influences played a role in my decision to enroll in a university in several ways. The situation that triggered it was I was laid off first in September 2008 and did not secure a job (which was temp) until July 2011. I was laid off for three years before I even found work. My resume spoke for itself as far as experience, but the same line would resonate from each job description which was: DEGREE REQUIRED. I would apply for at least 20-30 jobs per week and never received a phone call for an interview. After about two years of not getting any response or calls I decided to enroll back in school. I figure if that was the requirement for job that I had the experience in but not the education I might as well go to school. The situation of being unemployed led me to seek out finishing my college education in order to secure employment. My ethnicity played a role in my decision because I didn’t want to be a statistic. African American college graduates are very low in number compared to other races. My social class was that of a single African-American mother. I had a child young and out of wedlock, and I didn’t want to be the typical stereotype from my social class. I wanted to belong to another social class which were African-American single mother graduates. Attending college was important for me because it mattered when I was out in public that I didn’t have a college degree. I felt I didn’t belong because I couldn’t fit in with the conversation that people had when they spoke

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