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NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS – NGOs According to the United Nations, any kind of private organization that is independent from government control can be named an Non-Governmental Organization. This type of organizations are non-profitmaking, thus it only aims to perform a variety of services which paralel the type of activities it takes on. They can be classified by level of operations. According to this classification, an NGO can divide into four categories: Community-based Organizations, Citywide Organizations, National Organizations, and International Organizations. Community-based organizations are to be initiated by individuals, and cover a wide range of activities from sport clubs to women’s organizations. These types of organizations expect participation at grassroots level. ‘’Caddebostan Volunteers Club’’ is an example of community-based organization. City-wide organizations include groups such as Rotary or Lion’s Club. Their members gathered from many different backgrounds work in different industries. These types of organizations exist for variety of reasons. Some are entitled to gather people who work in the same industry or area. An example of this kind of union is Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, which founded in 1882. Whilst some are involved in gathering people to unions, some work for the benefit of the poor and disadvantaged people. As it mentioned above, Rotary and Lions club, stated in every city, do all kinds of activities to assist people who are in bad conditions. National Non-Governmental Organizations, exist only in that country and works for the benefit of the country. They provide for people, who are in need, with humanitarian aid and disaster relief. Some work for the benefit of the environment, such as protecting the endemic nature of the country. Some of the National NGOs often work

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