Universities Violating Free Speech Essay

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University Violating Privacy Laws and Freedom of Speech (prompt #3) The University of Georgia would be violating the privacy of their students as well as intruding on their freedom of speech if they subject all students receiving financial aid to drug testing and social media monitoring. Students receiving financial aid are representatives of the university, but they still possess the civil liberties that are given to every citizen of the United States. The Constitution states in the first amendment that there shall be no law made that prohibits the free exercise of speech. By monitoring social media, the University of Georgia will be ignoring this amendment. Facebook and Twitter are social media networks that allow its users to voice their opinions for others to see, thus exercising their freedom of speech. If the University of Georgia chooses to monitor their student’s social media, they will be choosing to prohibit the student’s free speech. Prohibition of free speech is present because students will no longer be able to post, like, or write about what they want, in fear of the university’s intervention. Privacy is the quality or state of being apart from company or observation. Students will not be apart from company or observation if the university submits them to drug testing. Unless a student is a suspect for taking drugs to reach an unfair advantage in sports, then testing for drugs is an invasion of privacy. The university will not be able to test everyone, violating equal protection under the 14th amendment. People who are being tested will feel discriminated against and singled-out. It is simply unfair to test and monitor those who only receive financial aid from the government. Why are those who receive aid more of a representation of the school than the regular attendants? The University of Georgia should not enact any social media
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