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Ever since I can remember, I have always looked up to the night sky with amazement and awe. I always pondered over the size of the sky and whether it ended or not. The universe was always a topic that excited but it wasn't until middle school that I discovered the topic of astronomy and physics. The first time I saw Carl Sagan's show The Cosmos, I was drawn in to the matter of the universe. The part I vividly remember was when Sagan did a comparison of the size of earth to the size of other stars and planets in our universe. My mind was blown way by the fact that the size of our world is minuscule compared to other objects. A new door opened for me that day and a hurricane of information was hitting me. The universe to me is the most interesting system in existence. How could anyone not be baffled by how and why the universe works the way it does? The intricacies and parts that make up the universe are amazing. Every part of our universe has some purpose and all of those parts are designed to serve some grand purpose that we have yet to discover. Having learned some of these functions and structures, I cannot help but ponder what it says about the universe as a whole. If so much detail was put into the universe up to the very quark, I have to believe that humans would be given an equally important function in our universe. There will always be new and unanswerable questions in the field of astronomy. That is why studying it is so amazing, we can barely understand earth let alone the vastness of the cosmos. For all we know we could have 100 billion other universes surrounding our universe. Imagine everything we know of fitting into the size of a pea, now imagine that pea of sand being dropped in the middle of the ocean with trillions of other peas, it is beyond us to imagine that scale. Even though the universe is the most mysterious, amazingly bizarre and

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